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"Galaxy Girls: Wonder Women"


"Galaxy Girls: Wonder Women is a splendid collection of stories about women who have lifted at least a portion of their lives from the ordinary to the extraordinary ... We can learn a lot about how to embellish our lives, and how to rise above the daily routine by exercising our own creativity with the materials at hand.  Galaxy Girls is a dazzling read!"

"Sans Homme"     Winner of the Nelson Algren Award

"The Twins"



"Empire Beauty Salon"

"The Gumball Man"



"Star Box"            Included in O'Henry Prize Stories 

"Lost in Casablanca"

"'The Empire Beauty Salon' becomes, through the powers of Anne Whitney Pierce's descriptions, a place as real and convincing as any character, a beauty shop that forms the plot of the story itself."

                                                 Louise Erdrich, Introduction to                                                  American Fiction, Number 2

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Image by Linda Szabo White
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