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"Galaxy Girls: Wonder Women"

"Rain Line"

Winner of:

Paterson Prize for Fiction,

Barnes and Noble Discover Great NewWriters Award 

New Voices Award

"Pierce writes lyrically and honestly in this powerful tale of life after tragedy, taking her time to fully develop characters and story."

                                                           -- Booklist

"Pierce's writing leaps from gritty descriptions of soil and fish to Chagall-like surreal dreams...   Her strong sense of place and her attention to the nuances of Cambridge and Boston culture distinguish her writing.  She grafts her theme of eccentric and unlikely families onto the legacy of Yankee-Irish tension unique to this historically rich landscape."

                             -- Women's Review of Books

"In Pierce's patient hands, this story of survival and healing achieves poetic immediacy."

                                       -- Publishers Weekly


"Galaxy Girls: Wonder Women is about fiercely brave and independent women, women who can be admired even in their most vulnerable moments ... Demonstrating a keen ear for unpretentious voices,  Pierce uses these stories to spin richly populated yarns of divorce, abandonment, birth and love."

-- New York Times Book Review

"Sensitive, insightful and compelling are words used loosely by reviewers, but in the case of Pierce's stories, they are accurate descriptions for these ten stories of women who have come to extraordinary turning points in their lives....  The stuff of Galaxy Girls isn't earth-shaking high drama, but simply evocative storytelling, vividly and beautifully presented."

                                               -- Publishers Weekly, Starred Review 

"Pierce creates her characters and setting with a warmth and an intimacy reminiscent of how the Dutch masters painted interiors... They have in common the careful attention of their author as well as their own attempts to understand their lives."

                                                   -- Sojourner

"A touching and superbly-crafted tale of a young woman's quest to come to grips with tragedy and rebuild her life.  Rain Line is a powerful, at times gripping, story of courage and coping, one that rightly professes faith in the indomitability of the human spirit."

                                                    -- Foreward

"Anne Whitney Pierce's short stories celebrate sentiment and dramatize characters who discover their imagination in ordinary life itself.  Her prose is deceptively clear, pure, 'spoken' yet finally beautiful, and filled with phrasing as vivid as the life she creates..."

                          -- John Hawkes, author of "The Cannibal"                                    and "The Lime Twig"

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