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Anne Whitney Pierce does an excellent job of bringing one family's history to light and her writing style makes for an interesting novel ... [Pierce] describes the lives of the characters through the years, so the character development is deep and complex.... a portrait of one family's experience during a troublesome era that just might mirror society's present day-struggles...

                                                                   -- SA Examiner

"Down to the River"

..."Down to the River" showcases author Anne Whitney Pierce as an inherently gifted and impressively skilled novelist who pays attention to historical detail and the creation of naturally interesting characters and situations...


                                                                   --  Midwest Book Review

"Down to the River" is a beautiful novel of a family both losing and finding itself ... Pierce's prose is fluent in lengthy and often wry descriptions that clearly paint her characters' temperaments, foibles, and class and generational peculiarities.
                                                   -- Portland Press Herald

... Pierce's robust family saga... centers on the lives of... Chickie and Hen ...  [first] cousins who weather the increasingly turbulent 1960's, which are filled with sex, drugs and political turmoil as the Vietnam war intensifies.  Themes of fatherhood, brotherhood, and loyalty resonate throughout this atmospheric tale.  Fans of Ann Patchett's The Dutch House (2019) will savor this worthy entry to the genre,,,

-                                                                          --  Booklist

[T]he book will encourage profound thought, [an] enlightening ... and amazing choice for... a book group or discussion group about America and how we all fit into its puzzle.  The author upends the prevailing views of the day, perhaps foreshadowing the prevailing views of today ... pitch perfect.

                           -- Amazon Reviewer, the wandering jew

Ms. Pierce is a wonderful writer... I have never read a book by someone who writes in her particular style, making this book a pleasure to read. The ending is a surprise and ... leaves you to make your own conclusions.

                              --   Amazon Reviewer, Donna J. Runnels

THERE BUT FOR GRACE  by Anne Whitney Pierce
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